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Math Coaching

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Stop Your Children From Thinking

That Math Is Difficult

As teachers ourselves, we've noticed a disturbing trend: fewer and fewer families placing importance on their children's education. While there are many tools available to determine where a child stands academically, few resources exist to draw parallels between student and parent success.


See How Math Scores Can Go Up By Up To 90% In Within Six Months.

Certified Math Tutors

Forming Effective Study Habits and Techniques

Individually Tailor-Made Lesson Plans

Your child's development will be tracked and reported weekly.


AcademiKeys partners with parents to help their children succeed academically by providing them with well matched tutors and an innovative strategy that is tailored to each child's needs.

Watch How We Just Do Things Different!

We have the Keys to Helping your Child Master Math

Anyone can tell you what your child did wrong. We explain why and give you guaranteed learning results that you can keep track of.

Find out about the only math program in the world that gives your child daily coaching, monitoring, and feedback from two top tutors.

You also get one-on-one private tutoring sessions and a world-class curriculum with critical thought, logical reasoning, and word problems.

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Reading Coaching

You or your child can benefit greatly from our professional staff's extensive knowledge in the field of language learning and reading




Math Coaching

Math Coaching that Makes Learning Math Less Overwhelming


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About Us

Many pre-pandemic teaching methods are no longer suitable to the contemporary scenario encountered by students. Teachers are overworked, academic gaps are widening, and the learning curve has shifted dramatically. Unfortunately, as a direct result, new best practices must be established.

At Academikeys, we have an advantage because we are creating and teaching using the latest best practices that meet the needs of today's students. This is because we are involved in foundational work, which gives us a unique opportunity to make a difference.

Furthermore, parents are unaware of how the pandemic has influenced their child's academic performance, which is why our curriculum is unique and vital for tomorrow's children.

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